Maria Erb
Project Director

Maria Erb is the Director of The gurlBIKE project and a Co-Organizer of Women on Wheels.  She is a mobile learning developer and has been a bike nut since the age of 12.  No one knows why.  She rides a 1997 Terry classic with moustache handlebars and lives in Portland, OR.


Kristin Howe

Kristin Howe learned how to ride at the age of 4 on a white tricycle with painted cupcake accents and orange handlebar streamers. She learned how to commute at age 18 on a Schwinn cruiser at UC Davis, where she earned her BAs in English and Communications. She learned what gears are for when she moved to Portland, OR to pursue her MS in Writing and Publishing. She loves her 80s green Schwinn Super Sport as much as she loves her basset hound and her books. That’s a lot.


Robin Schweitzer
Photography Director

Robin Schweitzer is a senior at Chatham University where she studies integrative health. She (re)discovered biking after a running injury and fell in love with the freedom of motion it provides. Biking is her primary form of transportation, all year round. Her go-to bike is a 2009 Jamis Ventura Comp Femme.


Lyndy Palmer

Lyndy Palmer is the current Chatham University Bike Mechanic and avid environminimalist; “Less consumerism, less pollution”. She affectionately calls her 1984 Peugeot roadster “Pidgeot”, as its light weight frame “is the only way to fly”. Originally from Florida, Lyndy is a communications major with a strong desire to travel and translate across professional and cultural barriers. She’s currently at work on the illustrations and sketch for gurlBIKE’s BFF Bike Book.


Emily Kurz - Video Editor

Emily Kurz
Video Editor

Emily Kurz is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh studying film and history. Growing up in a log cabin in the hills of West Virginia, she learned to mountain bike at a young age. She hasn’t ridden her bike for about four years because it has an annoyingly flat tire but hopes that by editing the videos for gurlBIKE she will be able rekindle her love of biking.


Sally Ramirez
Graphic Designer

Sally Ramirez is the Business Manager for The Communique at Chatham University where she works on various layout and design projects. She is currently studying Creative Writing at Chatham. A California native, she plans to stay in the Pittsburgh area and is seriously thinking about getting a bike. Check out her paintings and illustrations here.


Rachel Morgan - Special Projects Intern

Rachel Morgan
Special Projects Intern

underground dog fence . Advanced Group Glasgow Rachel Morgan is gurlBIKE’s first official intern. She’s in charge of gurlBIKE’s College Kid’s Guide to Biking in Pittsburgh. Rachel is a Junior at Chatham University studying Interior Architecture. She has a passion for the arts and enjoys modern dance. Originally from New York City, she doesn’t claim to be bike savvy at the moment. But moving to Pittsburgh has ignited an interest in the environment and has made such an impact that she’s planning to get a bike soon. She walks to most places for now.