Our Partners

We are not on this voyage alone, that’s for sure! We’ve got some wonderful companions along with us on the way to making Pittsburgh a bike-friendly mecca for women and girls. To date, they are:

Chatham University’s Office of Sustainability – Our biggest champion, Chatham offers us its Bike Works space for various gurlBIKE activities and promotes everything we do. Host of the first EcoFest on April 6, 2013,  Chatham continues to support women taking leadership roles in Pittsburgh. Thank you!

MGR Foundation’s Positive Spin program – gurlBIKE is super excited to work with the teen and tween participants of the Positive Spin program at the Arsenal School in Lawrenceville. We’re going to be helping these budding bike mechanics fix up their bikes this winter so they’ll be ready to ride in the spring.

Pittsburghers for Public Transit – We’re looking forward to working with this activist group focused on making public transportation in Pittsburgh a sustainably funded and reliable option. A well developed and supported multi-modal transportation system (e.g. walking, biking, bus, and light rail) is a must for any major city and we want to see it happen in Pittsburgh.

Assemble – Stay tuned for upcoming workshops at that great space for arts, technology, and community in Garfield, Assemble.  We’ll be putting together bike-related workshops and crafting sessions for teens and tweens this summer.

replica watches If your organization wants to partner with gurlBIKE, please contact us. gurlBIKE’s focus is on women, girls, and biking  but that effort touches on a lot of things including environmentalism, health and well being, economic and social justice, ecology, urban development, and education. If your organization focuses on some of these areas and/or has a mission of helping girls and women, we want to work with you.