More Pedalpalooza

Yes, that’s a picture of a guy on a unicycle playing the bagpipes with a Darth Vader mask on, as if you had to ask.  This is Pedalpalooza after all and if a ride isn’t weird, crazy, or really hard to describe, why bother with it?

It’s really difficult to capture the wild 3 week bike spree in Portland that goes by the name of Pedalpalooza.  It’s not just crazy costumed themed rides like Prince vs Bowie or any of the grunge or disco infused rides, but when you start trying to explain Dirty Diablo or Crazy Sexy Zombie to someone, it just kind of comes down to this: it’s a Portland thing.

Oh sure, some rides are incredibly practical.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Thrift Store tour this past weekend.  As a Portland newbie, I don’t know any of the hotspots for second hand thrills and this fun bike ride showed me a few gems that I’ll be visiting again soon.  Plus, the company was great!  It’s just so much fun to go on these rides, make new friends, and see different parts of the city.

I’m amazed at all the late night and all night rides in this year’s offerings.  I’m going to plan for one all nighter next year just to see what it’s like.  Oh wait, just checked the schedule and found the Friday night Loud and Lit ride starting at 10:30 PM and going till 8:30 AM, whee!  I’ll be back just in time to lead the Cyclofemme II ride to the Art Museum for the Women’s mini Bike Summit!! I love this place.

invisible fence installation . HO scale buildings And it really was impressive to see that guy on a unicycle playing the bagpipes with or without a Darth Vader mask on.  It can’t be easy to do either of those things let alone both together.  He was part of the Bikes2Bands ride on Saturday night that started at the Salmon Street Fountain and ended up in Pioneer Square with an impromptu concert by All The Apparatus.  What a fun Klezmer-y band!  After the concert, riders were off to the Rooftop Ride at 11 pm.  Wonder how that was.

Can’t believe Pedalpalooza will actually be over this Sunday (after big parties of course).  What will I do without 3,456 bike rides to choose from every single day?! It’s something you get used to very fast.  I’ll have to squeeze in the Music Box River ride on Thursday and the 007 Bond ride on Friday before the Lit and Loud ride.  I’m suffering withdrawl symptoms already.

Why does it have to stop?  Why can’t everyday be Pedalpalooza?


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