Join Us

Want to help us bring more women and girls into biking?  There’s room for everyone on this project.  Writers, photographers, video editors, artists, musicians, social media marketers, susties, greenies, ecco-oriented people who like to help out with stuff, alt transpo advocates, everyone really.  If you want to get involved, we want you to get involved with us.

Current projects we’d like to get off the ground with YOUR help include:

The gurlBIKE zine – Yep, it’s a zine, a place to put all your feelings about your bike, biking, the way you feel when you ride, stuff you want everyone else to know about that somehow has to do with a bike, etc.. The theme for our first issue is “Undriving”. So write something up! You know you want to. Hopefully, you can draw pictures to go with it, but if not we’ll take your writing and maybe someone else will draw some pictures. Then we’ll all have a zine party and put this thing together. Seriously, we need a zine. We need to have women and girls writing about biking. Let’s do this!

info Connect the Dots guidebook to Riding the Greenspaces in Pittsburgh – More or less a tour guide, but a really important one for even residents of Pittsburgh to have. Did you know you can ride via bike path, bike lane, or sharrow to all the major parks in the city? They actually are connected by bike infrastructure! You can spend a whole week in Pittsburgh just riding from park to park, swimming in the pools, picnicing, listening to awesome concerts, watching movies at night in Mellon Park or on Flagstaff Hill, visiting the aviary on the Northside and Phipps Conservatory in Oakland. You can also check out our wonderful museums, take in a football or baseball game, eat awesome food in the Strip district and tons of other stuff ALL BY BIKE!!! THIS IS SO AWESOME and NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT IT.  So, we really need a guide here with awesome pictures, really good maps, write-ups of the parks and places you can visit.

Outreach to the Women’s Shelters – We don’t have a name for this project yet, but we need to develop some materials for women who are currently staying in shelters and are on our their way to greater independence and freedom. We want to see them take the next step on their journey’s with a bike by their sides, giving them the sense they can get anywhere they need to under their own power. Bikes are transformative tools.

Women’s Bike Festival – April 6 at Chatham University.   We’ll be writing about this on the website as we finalize more details, but you can be we’re going to need lots of help with just about every aspect of running a festival.  If you’re a musician or a vendor that sells bike-related stuff, we’ll be looking for those too!

The gurlBIKE Bike-a-Month Calendar – Wouldn’t you like to start off each new month with a gorgeous bike to look at? And see an awesome woman on it somewhere in Pittsburgh? So would we!!  Packed with tips on riding, cool factoids, and other fun stuff.  Calling all writers, photographers, and women with bikes who want to be photographed.

If any of these projects interests you, please use our contact form to let us know. If you have another idea, let us know. You can come up with your own project and work on it with us. If there’s some aspect of women and biking in Pittsburgh we’re not covering, why not write about for us? You can even have your own column! If you like to photoblog, or vlog, we NEED THAT TOO! Seriously, if you want to express yourself about women and biking, we’ve got a place for that to happen.